zaterdag 25 augustus 2012


I'm super-duper excited at the moment, because I've got a whole collection coming up!
The very very very first one! I'm quit stressing out that I won't finish in time, because I'm doing this to participate a Belgian competition, Customisez-Moi. (I have to send in my pictures the 30th of September!)
It'll be 10 silhouettes, and the whole collection is inspired by children of royalties, teenage princes and princesses. All my characters are a little shy, but full of creativity and fantasy. In my imagination they live together in the woods, where they play silly games and stay up too late. They're all pretty maidenly and naive, even though they're maybe already twentysomething.
On the pictures below you can see a few sneakpeaks with pictures, drawings and collages. Everything is done by me, and the credit for the inspirational images I have put next to them, goes unfortunately to the huge fantasyworld of Tumblr... (if you can help me to credit them properly, please do!)
I hope you're all as excited as me!!
soon there will be more!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. YES, de inspiratie zit alvast goed, me thinks. Can't wait :-D

  2. Hey LouisOuis, LOVE de collages hier op je blog. En zo zo benieuwd naar je collectie. Keep us posted!

    1. dankje!! haha en doe ik sowieso, daarvoor ben ik te trots :D