zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

Christopher shannon spring13

One picture says it all.
Yet I won't withhold you the other pictures of the spring 2013 collection of Christopher Shannon!
This collection has everything,
wonderful accessories
a wonderful vibe!
It's been quit a long time since I liked a collection as a whole that much.
It reminded me of paradise, with colourful birds, flowers on the models faces, funny silhouettes that actually looked like some kind of birds, the fringy wigs, ...
Maybe I should also wear plastic flowers on my face? Or not...
But I'm literally dying for the pants on the first picture...
I also like the backpacks, which are a collaboration with The Cambridge Satchel Company !
Here you Go!
(All pictures courtesy of Jak&Jil, DazedDigital, and random google searches)


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