zondag 22 september 2013

CHANEL, la légende









The legend of Fashion
Honoured with her own epic
This is splendid
Until chapter seven, it's the legend of Coco. It's all about Mademoiselle

Now comes Karl, reinventing Coco, making la pionnière into a brand,
making pastiches of Mademoiselle

Coco was about Revolution.
Karl is only evolution.




woensdag 21 augustus 2013

vrijdag 16 augustus 2013


Merce Cunningham featuring Rei Kawakubo, aka Comme des Garçons.
Together they produced SCENARIO (1997)
They both are obsessed with the human body, each in a particular way.
The one pushes the body beyond the possible ways of moving it, the other one is in an endless search of manipulating the body forms.
Dance versus Fashion
Merce versus Rei
Moving versus transforming
the body versus the body
body-consciousness, extreme version. 

hidden sex

Dries managed to make flowers masculine again!
even sexy.
think powder pink
baroque patterns
washed-off colours.
Let's add some cute Adam's apples and a crotch shot and there you go, mister handsome anno 2014.

dinsdag 18 juni 2013

SHOW 2013

Last Friday, I had the most marvelous break between 2 exams:
the graduation show of the Royal Academy of Antwerp, department fashion.
Thanks to Cleo, we had - once again - amazing seats, so I didn't take a single picture and just enjoyed myself the whole evening. ( all pictures come from Demorgen, Destandaard, Het Nieuwsblad, and the site of the Antwerp Academy)

This year, they made the whole show even bigger, because the school was celebrating it's 50th anniversary!
The stage was much better than other years, one could see so much more!
But the real excitement of the evening, that caused several ouh's and aaah's and a fainted girl, was definately the reunion of THE Antwerp Six.
Marina Yee
Dries Van Noten
Ann Demeulemeester
Walter Van Beirendonck
Dirk Bikkembergs
Dirk Van Saene
next to them, the other jury members were:

SUZY MENKES - fashion editor International Herald Tribune, London
BEN REARDON - editor GQ Style, London
B. AKERLUND - stylist/fashion activist, Stockholm
HIROFUMI KURINO - creative director United Arrows, Tokyo
TERRY & TRICIA JONES - founders i-D magazine, London
ANN-SOFIE JOHANSSON - chief designer H&M, Stockholm
LOÏC PRIGENT - film director, Paris
KAAT DEBO - director MoMu fashion museum, Antwerp
LAETITIA CRAHAY - jewelry/accessories director Chanel & artistic director Maison Michel, Paris

After the ever joyful and mind blowing creativity of the first year - it is a pity I couldn't find any pictures of these pieces - the second year came, and I felt somehow disappointed due to the wearable clothes that were presented... But without a doubt tons of respect for all of them, the collections were good!
The third year is definitely bursting of talents, I think we can expect a lot from next years graduates!
I picked two of them that I really really liked and wanted to show you:

First: Cameron Foden with his collection "To hollow a coin"
 The collection consists of really nice and simple pieces of clothing, that are beautifully cut and finished!
On top of that, there were oversized jackets, that created soft volumes, finished with some kind of antlers, that give the collection a sort of combative character to me.
Also the colours collaborated in this story: modest earth tones and blacks.

The second one I really enjoyed was Marketa Martiskova, with her collection "Keep in Balance"
She presented a quirky, funny, happy, colourful collection that bursted with energy, but still is very balanced at the same time. It was a show that really proved that fashion is fun!
And  finally, we had the Masters, the 2013 graduates!
There were fourteen this year, so quite a lot! 
The ones I really liked get their own post, later on.
Again, really thumbs up for every single student!
They did amazing jobs!

donderdag 13 juni 2013


Korean sculptor & installation artist.
I love him because of these fabric architectural installations.
I saw the red one in Tate Modern about a year ago,
and it's quite impressive; it has so many details!
They are so airy.
You're trying to hold your breath for they might grind to powder in front of your eyes...