donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Movin' to a new crib

making new curtains
planning where to put what
planning what to put in it
planning what to throw away due to the lack of space
drooling over my house room-warming party

so last month, I've been collecting a lot of inspiring images of interiors, furniture, design objects,...
Here you can see a few of them, paired with what I would wear in the new crib (in my dreams)
All interior pictures by emmas designblogg (she also gives wonderful tips to visit Stockholm!), annaleena design and weekday carnival
All clothing avaiable on oki-ni, from Maison Martin Margiela, Christopher Shannon, Gareth Pugh, JW Anderson, Rick Owens and Marc Jacobs. 

I'm a huge collector of images, pictures, drawings etc., so in my future room, there will be plenty of frames to expose everything I want to see every day in a proper way..
There will be obviously too much. I'll have to be very strict to myself or my room will look like a stocking room of a museum that only shows worthless stuff..
(and omg have you seen that jacket?! Have you??)

Next: I want little Buddha/Holy Mary/Jesus/Angel-statues in my room. Painted white. I think they are funny.
silly funny, yet funny.
and the shoes. Dear mom and dad, I truly want my room at home decorated with a few dozens of these, would you finance me? I'll be a good boy, I promise.

Since I stock up every single thing I seem to like, a few of these racks would be nice too.. preferably in white, of course.

How cute is the dog?? 

More simple racks I like, more magazines that will be all over my place.

I should keep things simple. I won't. such a pity. look at those gorgeous golden shoes! 

I'm a huge fan of cool pants. maybe I should hang mine on a wall? IN A FRAME THAT IS!
Jellyfish Jellyfish Jelly Jelly Jellyfish!

I should stock up some glittery sparkling dazzling shiny fake diamond-brooches.
I like them.

Jacket-craving. and glass with plants. Yes there will be definitely glass! and plants! and glass! and plants!

Oh and just a daydream, can I have a room like this one day? I will play ping pong every day in these kick-ass shoes. my god yes. what a wonderful dream.


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