dinsdag 8 mei 2012


Maison Martin Margiela.
The artisanal collection has been part of the label since their second collection for women, more than 20 years ago. They collect used (and sometimes new) objects (certainly not only clothing!) from all over the world. They want to give these objects a second life, by turning them into garments or accessories, but always with much respect to the object itself: you can see what it's made of in almost every piece, they are like some kind of odes to the original objects.
The collection is very poetically, and is still, after all those years, one of the keystones of creative expression of La Maison. If you watch the other collections by MMM, I think you can almost feel that they all rest on this one. They are one of the labels to me that are still able to make refreshing Haute Couture, because it has some kind of funny way to look at things in it, and because it all comes from creativity and cleverness. It's all about humour and sharp answers to the original objects. It goes beyond the boundaries of beauty and aesthetics! To me, that's what Haute Couture is about. (Iris van Herpen is also someone who knows how to cross the regular boundaries and come up with something new)
On top of all this, I really like the idea of recycling things because of their history. Recently I saw an artwork in Centre Pompidou in Paris, made of hundreds of little shells of bottles of wine. It's by El Anatsui, and was really overwhelming. Making this post, I remembered it and really felt the urge to show you! It made me think of works by Gustave Klimt... (you can see more of his work here)

The pieces I picked out to show you are a few of my favourites: the vest made of fake eyelashes, the wig-coat, and the incredible elegant dress made of plastic shopping bags!
Watch them and be impressed.
you really should.
I am.

and don't forget to take a look at their website, it's quite funny!
(I really cannot hide my adoration, isn't it?)


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