donderdag 19 april 2012

Lately I've been fascinated by computer modelled fashion, because it's something that takes fashion to a whole new level, things can be much more precise, much smaller, and certainly much more complicated. These designs often are printed in 3D, I'm totally crazy about this way of creating, because it's so new, so teasing.
When a parametric process is used, the designer doesn't know where the process will take him. He enters some starting values, some conditions, but from then on, the process controls itself. It's the task of the designer to stop the process where he decides the product is done. (Off course there can be some editing done afterwards)
I like the idea of unpredictability, the idea of a self-controlling process..
Computers and technology can also be used to cut out things, and create lace-like tissues, but with a very industrial feeling.
Soft and edgy at the same time.
Some examples I really like are Hussein Chalayan(1), Zaha Hadid(1,2,3,4,6,7,8), Iris van Herpen(2,4,5,6), Jum Nakao(3), Gareth Pugh(5), Sandra Backlun(7) and PristineSmut(8)
(Zaha Hadid Pavilion pictures by me)


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