vrijdag 8 juni 2012

Yesterday I had the chance to attend the graduate show of the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Antwerp. I really had a blast, since it was my first night out in like 3 weeks or so, I'm disliking my finals really much, and I'm not even half way.
The 2nd and 3rd bachelors were often really amazing, together with the first years experimental designs (which I like most of all, because of the purity and freedom of mind, something most of the students seemed to have lost during the years...), while the master students were not really satisfying... It's not that they were bad or I didn't like them, it's just that I felt so little. For me, most important about a collection is the feeling I get, and at the graduates, I often didn't even feel anything...
Here are some pictures of our outfits, the atmosphere (that is always lovely on a night like this), a few collections, ...
Cleo took the pictures, enjoy them!

Then there was this odd sex-inspired collection that we didn't like at all, although I liked the morbidity of the mouth-jewellery. This collection wasn't very subtle and that made it pretty disappointing for me. One of the models was even wearing a bondage-suit, that I didn't find very 'new' or original as idea basically, but it also wasn't made beautiful or elegant or strong or whatever. A pity, because I think this designer is better than this collection seem to reflect..

Another very odd collection was the following one, and we've been discussing about this for a long time. Do we like it or not. At first sight we were even disappointed, because the volumes were rather dull, the paterns and colours were rather loud and clashing. But if you watched the collection as a whole, it suddenly became a pretty strong statement, with much content.
well, judge for yourself:

Next: one of my favourites, a collection inspired by Le Petit Prince. The models looked like futuristic princes that have landed on the moon, so you could see the link very well. This really was a collection with presence, it looked like a collection, with very different silhouettes, but with one strong atmosphere in it. The printed jumpsuit below was my favourite piece of the show, it looked so gorgeous, so modest and yet so strong!

I'll end with another favourite of mine: a 3rd bachelor collection in only two tones, with very simple, yet sophisticated silhouettes. The padded shoulders were close to perfection, and the use of typography made me go wild! maybe the strongest collection to me.. hard to decide...


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